Note From Admin :: Server is Gone,, HDD is formatted n database is flushed.

We Dont want to give u guys ...'False Hopes'..

now its complete farewell..!!

Thank You All fr supporting these years,, ENGLISHSONG.IN will miss u all,,,, Enjoy the Music..!!..,,


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 •   Arun : This is my favourite english songs website,
please, give this site I want english songs.

 •   Jatin : Admin now you start your website

 •   AJ : i mean where am i supposed to get all of the songs from the album revival ? Ok the other website (songslover) is good. But im not going to download a 3-4 mins song for 10 or 12 mb. Its 320 kbps. And Its taking a lots of space of my memory card plus im gud with those kind of songs which contains 128 kbps. This website has always been my favourite ever. So it will be really great if u start this website again with new database or so.

 •   AJ : ya restart it again..

 •   say : hey admin pls start this website with a new server

 •   Jatin : Admin now you start your website

 •   shash : admin pls cm back pls start the songover website otherwise why don't u put english song on u r current website songsmobi pls upload English songs also

 •   Honeybear : Loved englishsong

 •   vedi : IS there exist any other site like this, I mean which provide music for download and in hd?

 •   BD : Please give me another website for english song

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