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 •   yunkit : Hey guy's I want Paris song by Lana Del Rey , I couldn't find this song on any site plz send me if you have by Link or WhatsApp , search me on Instagram @yunkit_sain

 •   Jatin : Admin now you start your website

 •   anuj : i want that site to be google.

 •   Dre : Oh shit. I was bout to write something but i wrote some nonsense. Srrry. But I want Admin to restart this fav site Guys. I'm missing the new songs Admin

 •   Dre : Some of them are not using facebook Sahil. What about us. If some1 have the no. of Admin then we can whatsapp him. I think thats the idea of mine. I know its useless. Srrrry Guys.

 •   Jatin : Admin now you start your website

 •   shal : start this website

 •   Jatin : Admin now you start your website

 •   aku : try this songs website, daily updates.

 •   Jay : Thats damn good
thank u ed

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