Note From Admin :: Server is Gone,, HDD is formatted n database is flushed.

We Dont want to give u guys ...'False Hopes'..

now its complete farewell..!!

Thank You All fr supporting these years,, ENGLISHSONG.IN will miss u all,,,, Enjoy the Music..!!..,,


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 •   ardiansyah : Please open this side .help me admin

 •   jakee : Please open this site.i am not eating rice for this site 54days. I fell very weeknesss.please open poen please......

 •   Jesse birth marak : English album

 •   Donald Trump : hey obama im the president now so back off retired one and USA dnt want this site to be back coz we got plenty of options to download songs. Sorry for the indians...

 •   Jatin : Admin now you start your website

 •   Barack Obama : The United States Of America wants you to be back.

 •   Jatin : Admin now you start your website

 •   felix : at least increase the MB per song dont close the site please am missing alot please

 •   hjhj : Hjkk

 •   Jatin : Admin now you start your website

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