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 •   ashim : go to

 •   Kitdor : I want to download english song

 •   Jatin : Admin please try to it open again this website because I can't find other websites this website is best website in the world for english songs please Admin start again

 •   efe : i dont see any music to download

 •   Ed : I admire your appreciation ks.

 •   Ed : Guys just go for "" and explore the site(specially artist section)
It has a huge collection of all type of genres,artists..
And the best part is it provides cover art for every song..
You will definately find your favourite music..

 •   Ujjal das : I love u

 •   ks : recantomp3 is awesome site thank u ed

 •   Jatin : Admin now you start your website

 •   Ed : Guys you can download all english music from

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