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 •   Omprakash yadav : Song very butiful happy song very nice to me song nice and happy

 •   shash : hey ram pls tell me pls about that

 •   shash : pls tell any update website with (lyrics or without) pls tell me best website names pls

 •   shash : hi ram thanx for replaying.....but in songslovers can't get the lyrics of the song and not correctly mentiong the hits or how many are downloaded not its very difficult to find in that website....but in or new website name that was perfect and for english songs and i requesting to pls open that website pls admin pls

 •   Ram : aur ye dono websites band ho chuke hai. so everyone please go to to download english songs in better quality.

 •   shash : hey admin pls yar pls add this divide album in songsmobi pls pls pls ....pls replay this mssg anything about this album i cannot get this album in this website ( )

 •   shash : hey admin pls add divide album ed Sheeran perfect songs pls pls pls add this hole album


 •   Filemanager : ,adg

 •   Mdsafiulla : Helo

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